Your Organization is Under Attack

Cyberattacks are the fastest growing crime globally and are expected to cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021. Your organization will be breached - it's a matter of when, not if. Are you prepared to respond?

Your Cyber Crisis Response Team

REDDjobb’s team of diverse consultants provides leadership, professional development, and communications coaching and consulting for entrepreneurs, executives, corporations and non-profit organizations. REDDjobb is led by Pulitzer Prize winner, former Congressional press secretary and Marine Glenn Proctor, who spent 41 years as a journalist, media executive, lecturer and professor. Glenn is backed by a team with more than 70 years of combined journalism and communications experience who are adept at guiding organizations through change – the only constant in today’s evolving business landscape.

REDDjobb offers three levels of Cyber Crisis Communications packages that vary with the amount of support needed, the severity of the breach experienced, and the anticipated level of media and/or public response.

Select from the following levels or work with our team to customize your response.

Silver Support

Our standard package, Silver Support gives clients access to a basic crisis communications plan that includes customizable letter templates, press releases, talking points for staff, and social media posts that acknowledge the breach and effectively answer your clients’ immediate questions about the safety of their data and the steps you are taking to rectify the situation.

This level of support is ideal for proactive organizations who want to put a plan in place as well as for small- to mid-sized organizations who have to deal with a breach but don’t require unusual support to do so.

Examples include organizations whose clients’ passwords were hacked but whose accounts were not directly linked to sensitive data.

Gold Support

This step up allows our team to create custom communications designed specifically for your unique needs. This level of support is ideal for larger organizations with more complex compliance requirements as well as for those in industries that require a deeper delve into the details of the breach and resulting measures.

Examples include organizations who are dealing with breaches of clients’ financial or personal identifying information or those who are dealing with extenuating circumstances from the breach.

Platinum Support

This highest level of individualized attention includes on-site support from crisis communications experts who will walk your CEO through proper press responses and/or address the press in his or her stead. This level of support is ideal for any organization that fears if will face intense press scrutiny or public backlash as a result of the security breach or those who seek to take a proactive approach to avoiding an adverse public response.

Pricing for this support package will vary by location as well as frequency and duration of on-site team member visits.

Media Coverage

Thanks to Matthew Speiser at Fundera for quoting our co-founder on one of the top trends impacting small businesses in 2020:

“A tremendous challenge small business owners will face in 2020 and beyond is Cybercrime. Damages related to cybercrime are projected to hit $6 trillion annually by 2021 (Cybersecurity Ventures), and surprisingly for many entrepreneurs, 43% of breaches hit small businesses (Verizon). As the owner of a marketing and PR company, I realized that small businesses and non-profits don’t know how to react when a breach occurs—from both the technical side and the public relations side. My concern is with the PR side, because while technology can be repaired, relationships between organizations and their hard-won clients may not be as easy to fix. If companies take the time to put a crisis plan in place before they are breached, they will recuperate more quickly and with far less damage to their reputations than if they have to be reactionary. When you are talking about cybercrime, it’s not a matter of if it will impact your company, it’s a matter of when it will hit.”
— Trish Stukbauer, founder, Cyber Crisis Communications Solutions

Thanks to Abdul Rehman at VPNRanks for quoting me in his excellent article on Proactive Cyber Security.

Trish, who is the founder of a crisis communications firm had this to say. We always tell clients it’s a matter of when – not if – their organization will fall prey to a cyberattack. How they are perceived to react to that attack makes all the difference in how quickly – and even whether – they recover the confidence of clients, donors, the public, and media.

The key to surviving a potential media and customer onslaught is to take a proactive approach and have a crisis communications plan in place. We live by the old military adage: Proper planning prevents poor performance. Having a communications plan in place prevents a random executive or employee from leaking sensitive information or just saying something that inadvertently makes the situation worse.